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Kos is a Greek island, part of the Dodecanese island chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea, off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese by area, after Rhodes and Karpathos and a place that has it all!

Sandy beaches, amazing places for sightseeing, palm trees, peacocks, vivid nightlife, luxurious Kos hotels, water sports centers.

Kos Island Sightseeing

Neratzia Castle

The island’s trademark is its medieval castle situated at the entrance of the port. Wander along the impressive avenue with the Palm Trees, or stroll around famous squares like Platánou Square and Elefthería Square and admire legendary buildings, remains of the Italian rule.



Aliki Tigaki  (Salt Lake)

Among the coastal settlements of Tigaki and Marmari on the north side of the island is the protected area of ​​Aliki, which operated until 1989 as a saltwater production site.  Today the area is protected by the Ramsar and Natura conditions and hosts species of local fauna and flora as well as a number of migratory birds.


In the area of ​​the salt mine we find various types of vegetation. Tigaki’s salt mine houses a variety of flora and fauna. Pelicans and herons are some of the species of birds that meet in the saltpile during the year. Waterfalls and waterfowl are some of the remarkable species of animals that are found in the area.



Ancient Agora

View of the municipal market, built in 1934-35 by architect Rodolfo Petracco The Ancient Market place of Kos was considered one of the biggest in the ancient world. It was the commercial and commanding centre at the heart of the ancient city.


Apart from the monuments and the natural beauties, everyday life inside the island gets more intense at the local squares, ports and other places which are the landmarks of each region and bring together a number of activities.

Each one of them gives a small taste of the life and the multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the locals and the visitors who come from all over Europe and World.

Kos Museums & Churches


Archaeological Museum of Kos

The two storey bulding on Eleftherias Square that houses the Archaeological museum of Kos is a protected monument of the Italian occupation era (1912 – 1943), built in 1935.



In the southern part of the city of Kos, amidst archaelogical sites and monuments lies the Hani building. Originally used as a building catering for the animals of ​travellers, today the Hani hosts an exhibition of the modern history of Kos and of the Italian era architecture that characterises many of the buildings in Kos.


Ancient House – Hippocrates Garden

The cultural center Ancient House Hippocrates Garden is located in Mastichari, Kos Island.It is an exact replica of an Ancient Greek Settlement in the 5th century B.C. It specializes in the revival of the ancient Greek way of life at the time when the great Greek doctor lived.It consists of an Oikos, an ancient Greek house-n exact replica of a house of this period, a Philosopher s Arcade and a Stone Built Theater: Dancing Satyrs Theater.




Kos charms every visitor with its exotic beauty and rich history, buildings and castles, churches and monasteries scattered at the most beautiful areas of the island.

There are hundreds of churches on the island of Kos. A number of them can be found in the most picturesque locations of the island. Some date back to the Middle Ages, others were built on top of the remains of older churches or temples while plenty are very recent modern churches.

Most of them are painted in white and in some cases they are whitewashed on a regular basis as tradition would dictate. Parts of the churches, like the doors and the shutters are painted in colour, mostly a deep blue although you will find other colours.


Don’t forget to visit :

  • Byzantine Church of Panagia Ypapanti (Paleo Pyli)
  • Agia Paraskevi (Kos)
  • Church of Saint George the Baptist (Cemetery of Kos)
  • Agios Nikolaos (Kastri)
  • Chapel of Holy Cross – Angus Dei (Catholic Cemetery of Kos)
Kos Traditional Products

Walking the streets of Kos, you will come across small, traditional shops selling all kinds of local delicacies that may not catch your eye at first. But in their shelves lie some pretty delicious treats that you ought to try if you wish to explore every treasure this island has to offer.

So, when you happen to find such a shop, keep a look out for these traditional products of Kos:


  • The unique syrupy sweets of Kos made with vegetables, especially tomatoes and eggplants. Known as “spoon sweets”.
  • Possa is a traditional goat’s cheese preserved in red wine, which gives it a dark hue and a mouth-watering taste. This cheese is not mass produced, so if you find this rare delicacy don’t miss out on the chance to taste it!
  • Thyme honey from the forests of Kos. Light, golden and heavenly flavored by the wildflowers of the hinterland.
  • Handmade trachanas is another homemade staple of Kos. Similar to couscous, trachanas is made with fresh eggs and wheat flour, dried to a grain-like shape. It is a perfect and nutritious addition in soups .
  • Especially when in the villages of Kos, you might be offered some kanelada, as a refreshing treat to cool you down in the summer heat.
Kos Folklore Festivals and Cultural Events

Religious Feasts & Festivals

  • April 23 or Easter Monday

The celebrations of the church of Agios Georgios in Pyli are held on this day followed by horse racing.


  • June 29

The celebrations of the church of Agioi Apostoloi in Antimachia are held on this day.


  • August 15

There is a festival honoring the Assumption of Mary at the church of Panagia Styloti in Kefalos. Local farmers make goat pilaf every year.


  • August 28

The festivities of the church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist in Mastihari are held on this day. Traditional celebrations take place outside the church.


  • September 8

The celebrations of the church of Panagia of Kardamena are held on this day. The festivities in the courtyard of the church include live music and traditional Greek dances.


  • November 21

The feast day for the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kefalos.


  • December 6

The feast day of St Nicholas in Pyli.



Cultural Events


Wine Festival

In the first week of August, a wine festival is held in Mastichari village.


Ippokrateia  Festival

Ippokrateia Festival is the most important cultural event in Kos island organized by the local municipality. The reading of the Hippocratic oath marks the beginning of the festival which is focussed in all forms of art including concerts, theatrical performances, folklore exhibitions, ancient tragedies, sculpture workshops, traditional dances and many activities for the children.


Dikaia Festival

A series of events are organized in July and August in the municipal districts of Pyli and Asfendi including concerts, theater performances, traditional Greek dances performances, book presentations, events for kids and sporting events.



A series of cultural events are organized in July and August in Antimachia, Kardamena and Kefalos including concerts, theater performances and photography exhibitions.

Kos Beaches

The beaches in Kos are some of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese islands. It s the island with the longest length of mild coastlines and beaches compared with the entire length of the coastline, probably in the whole Mediterranean.

The majority of beaches are sandy with crystal blue waters. The clean and award winning beaches are the first reason that Kos attracts and hosts each year more than 1 million tourists from across Europe and the rest of the world.

You will find below a list with the best beaches in Kos island.


Mastichari beach

Mastichari beach is located 27 km south of Kos town.Its white sand and emerald waters give this place the ultimate exotic atmosphere.

At the centre of the beach you will find plenty of colourful sunbeds and umbrellas and some watersports facilities. A long tuft of trees provide an excellent spot for some cool shade.

The area offers plenty of tourist amenities like accommodations, restaurants, cafes and shops.


Kardamena beach

Kardamena beach is one of the best spots for swimming and sunbathing. It is located 30 km southwest of Kos town in front of the tourist resort. The beach is covered with soft sand and stretches for over three km until the port. Its fine crystal waters attract many visitors while sunbeds and umbrellas are available along the coast. The beach offers various accommodations and modern facilities for pleasant vacation.


Lambi beach

Lambi is one of the closest beaches of Kos town, easily accessed within a short walking distance. The long sandy coast stretches for 1 km until the island’s port. It is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and various restaurants overlooking the sea. Some snack bar and cafes are found right on the beach.

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