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Terms of Use

The Company

The website “” is owned by the Greek company “A. DENAXAS & Co. G.P.” operating under the trade name “ACTEON TRAVEL”, with headquarters in Ormos, Island of Ios, Municipality of Ieton, Cyclades, which operates lawfully as a tourist agency under GNTO license number 1167E60000048200.


Terms of Services

By using this website and its services, users accept the General Terms of Services that apply and govern all reservation requests, which are either made online, by telephone or at our offices. Since Ferryguy operates as an agent (ferry boat tickets, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, etc.) between users and providers of tourist services, users are also advised to read the general terms of services of each provider whose services they wish to purchase.


By making a reservation through Ferryguy or any other reservations (either by telephone at the company’s call center or directly at the company’s headquarters), users give Ferryguy their explicit mandate to interact with the respective provider whose travel services they wish to purchase. In any case, reservation requests are legally binding for users.

In the event of delays, cancellations and postponements of ferry boat schedules or other travel services and products offered by the providers, Ferryguy shall under no circumstances be held liable.

Users shall comply with the terms set out by the respective providers and shall be informed by them, as in the case of terms set out by each ferry company concerning embarkation time. In the event that users violate the general terms of the website, Ferryguy reserves the right to turn down their reservation.


Ferryguy shall not be held liable for any price changes or cancellation fees in the event of a change or cancellation caused by the services provider.

Ferryguy’s agent fee appears in the final stage of the process and is included in the total price of the services offered.

Methods of Payment

When reserving a ferry ticket or any other services via Ferryguy, payment can be made either by credit card or by other means of electronic payment, if applicable (e.g. web banking). The available methods of payment are displayed when reserving ferry tickets or any other services. Ferryguy, in collaboration with Alpha Bank SA, supports payments by credit card, i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Masterpass, Diners Club, American Express and Discover.

Tickets or any other travel documents, as well as reservation of ferry tickets or any other services offered are delivered only after the payment procedure has been successfully completed.

Reservation Confirmation

In the event of reservations or purchases of tourist services via Ferryguy, users will receive an email as confirmation of the purchase or reservation and are asked to check if this information is accurate and inform Ferryguy as soon as possible of any errors or deviations regarding the initial purchase or reservation.

Ticket Delivery

Tickets can be delivered via courier services at an additional charge, which is stated before the stage of payment. In addition, users can collect the tickets either from our offices or from the authorized agencies of the respective ferry company at the port of departure.

Customers may also receive all necessary documents regarding hotel accommodation (vouchers), car rental, and package tours by email.

In case customers have to return the tickets to our company, they shall be charged a courier service fee.

Travel Documents

Customers are responsible for having all necessary travel documents available and for checking their accuracy.

Ferryguy is not liable for any omissions on the part of the customers.

Cancellations / Changes

The terms and the option to cancel or change ferry tickets or any other travel products or services depends on the respective ferry company or provider over which Ferryguy has no control. If the ferry company gives users the right to change or cancel a specific product or service purchased by users, users are required to inform Ferryguy in writing at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure, otherwise Ferryguy cannot cancel or change any reservations. In any case, a charge of €5 will apply in case of changes plus any costs that may arise from the change. Prior to any reservation, users are required to read and agree with the terms of use and cancellation, as well as the fare regulations of each ferry company or provider of the said service.

In case of changes and cancellations, Ferryguy shall not refund customers for any reservation management costs. As regards ticket cancellation, it depends on the time the cancellation is confirmed, in accordance with the terms and provisions applicable regarding all travel agencies, and on the provider. In any case, a cancellation fee will be charged by our office, amounting to €5 per ticket plus the ferry company’s cancellation fees (if and when applicable). In case the ferry company is responsible for the cancellation, no cancellation fees apply and Ferryguy will not charge any additional service costs.

Schedule Cancellation

In case of schedule cancellations or changes, Ferryguy shall not be held liable for any financial damage affecting the customers, caused by any cancellations or modifications regarding the ferry company’s schedule. If you have already received the tickets, you are required to return them to our company in order to receive the refund specified by the ferry company.

PLEASE NOTE! Tickets issued as part of a special offer cannot be cancelled or converted to open tickets, and the travel date cannot be changed.

For cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to departure, the fare is NOT refundable.

After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or be converted to open tickets, and the date cannot be changed.

Open Tickets: They must be used within one year from the date of issue or up to the end of the calendar year, depending on the provider.

In the event of loss, tickets cannot be changed, cancelled, re-issued or refunded.

Passenger and vehicle tickets purchased online via Ferryguy may be cancelled according to the cancellation terms as follows:

  1. If tickets have NOT been delivered yet, passengers can request their cancellation via e-mail at by submitting the details of the reservation, as well as their contact details (phone, e-mail, etc.). Subsequently, the amount of money customers are entitled to will be transferred from Ferryguy to a customer’s card which was used for the transaction within 15 business days.
  1. If tickets have already been delivered, passengers will have to submit them to our head office. Subsequently, the amount of money to which customers are entitled will be transferred by Ferryguy to a customer’s card which was used for the transaction within 15 business days. In addition, passengers may change or cancel their tickets at the headquarters of the respective ferry company.

Company Liabilities

Ferryguy is not liable in the following cases: If some of the services it provides are not available.

If providers are exclusively responsible for any errors and omissions that might occur. If any injuries or personal property damage result from the providers’ non-performance. If force majeure events (strikes, delays, overbooking) arise that are beyond Ferryguy’s reasonable control and for which it cannot be held responsible. If any additional charges are applied when tickets are delivered at the headquarters of the ferry companies. In addition, it cannot be held liable for the personal data protection policy applied regarding links to third-party websites or any information provided and published concerning the services offered by the providers.

User Responsibilities

This website’s users must be over 18 years and aware of its terms of use, in accordance with the law. In addition, they are exclusively responsible in case the website is used by minors on their behalf. This website may not be used for profit or misleading purposes, which have nothing to do with the purpose for which it was developed. Any unlawful use of this website will result in the users being denied access to the services provided by the site.

The content of this website is owned exclusively by Ferryguy and A. DENAXAS & Co. G.P. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, process, transfer or resell the content of the website. As a consequence, creating derivative work is explicitly prohibited, as well as misleading the public as regards the actual ownership of this website and its content.

General Τerms of Services

Ferryguy has the right to modify or revise the terms of services governing the use of this website at any time and without prior notice.

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