Frequently Asked Questions

This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions and has been written in order to help you!

Opting for assigned seating means I can choose a specific seat?

There is no specific seat option, only standard travel class system (VIP, business, numbered seat). Ferry operators offer no choice of specific seating; instead they place passengers in close parties if feasible. In case you are seated away from your company of friends, consult with a crew member.

How can have my reservation confirmed?

A reservation is successful when your booking number along with all travel details appear on the webpage. You will automatically receive a confirmation email with all booking details.

There is an error in my booking

Should you notice an error in your reservation, please contact us directly at
In case you need to change your ticket, there may be additional charges.

My name is misspelled

Complying to EU Directive 98/41, for safety reasons, a name list of the passengers is mandatory:

Tickets should be issued to the passenger’s name, including surname, gender and age. In case you made a mistake please contact us at .

Where can I find my booking code?

Once the booking procedure is successfully completed, you will be directed to the booking confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation code.

I forgot my reservation code

In case you forgot your reservation code we can do a search, using your full name you entered during booking process. Please contact us at

I have not received a confirmation email but my card has been charged

If you have not received a confirmation email, firstly make sure it has not been labelled spam. If indeed you have not received it there may have been a technical issue with the ferry operator or operators running the route you have chosen. Please contact us at as soon as possible.

Can I board the ship without a ticket?

In order to board the ship you need to have your ticket printed. You will not be allowed to board using only your reservation code, unless the ferry company supports the use of electronic tickets.

Is it possible to travel with an electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

Some companies, such as Golden Star Ferries, Aegean Speed Lines and Sea Jets allow the use of electronic tickets. In order to board with an e-ticket you must first visit the ferry company’s website and complete the procedure for electronic check-in. Afterwards, you have to download the boarding pass to your mobile phone or print it and carry it with you. Please note that Golden Star Ferries and Sea Jets allow you to check in online only once so make sure you have downloaded your boarding pass.

Can I collect my tickets from the port and when can I do this?

In this case you can collect your tickets from the designated pickup points at your port of departure  by using the reservation code you received by email. These pickup points include ticket booths at the ports or the operator main offices (usually located near the port).

Do I have to confirm my booking and when?

Our office is trying to provide our customers with the best updates available. Nevertheless, in cases of bad weather or a strike, only port authorities or the ferry operator you are travelling with can confirm any changes to your route, so it is prudent to have your departure time confirmed.

How long before departure do I have to be at the port?

According to decree 3709/2008, foot passengers are required to board the ship half an hour before the scheduled departure. If they travel with a car, they must board an hour before the scheduled departure. However, we recommend that you arrive at the port at least an hour before the ship’s departure.

What if I lose my tickets?

You cannot travel without presenting your printed ticket, your reservation code or ticket number (unless the ferry company uses e-tickets). In case you have lost your ticket you will need to buy a new one to board the ship. Depending on each company’s policies, if the ticket has not been used within one month from the scheduled departure the customer is either refunded or provided with a new ticket of the same value. In any case, each company is solely responsible for refund matters.

What happens if there is a route delay

Neither nor the ferry operator are, under no circumstances, liable for any ship delays or detentions due to bad weather, orders from the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy or the Coast Guard or force majeure. In this case, you can change or redeem tickets either at, bearing the original ticket, or at the ticket offices of the respective operators.

Are pets allowed on board?

Most ships have specially designated spaces for your pets and some of them feature special cabins. Passengers travelling with a pet are required to have their health record booklet on them.

What to do in case of baggage loss?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this. You will have to contact the ferry operator, unless you know your baggage is still on board and inform the crew.

How many people can I book for?

A reservation can add up to 9 people and 4 vehicles. If you wish to book for more than 23 people, please contact us at .

Can I smoke aboard the ship?

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces and cabins of the ship. You can only smoke in designated areas on open outdoor decks.

My account shows no refund. What should I do?

The credit or debit card used for the reservation is the one refunded. If your money has not been refunded within 15 working days, please contact us at

Can I change my ferry tickets?

In the event of change of ferry tickets, Ferryguy is obliged to comply with the policy of the respective operator. Terms of cancellation may vary between ferry operators.

In case you wish to change your ferry tickets, you should send us your reservation details using the online contact form. If you are already in possession of the tickets, change is only possible if there is enough time, until departure date, to mail them to us so we can send you the new ones. New tickets cannot be issued unless we receive the ones cancelled. Additionally, ticket changes can only be made if the new tickets are issued under the same ferry operator and are charged with an extra cost of  €5,00 per ticket and any fare related additional charges. Otherwise, you will have to cancel the already issued tickets and re-book. In this case, please do not make a new reservation, but contact us directly, as there may be cancellation fees depending on your ferry operator.

Can I cancel my ferry tickets?

In the event of cancellation of ferry tickets, Ferryguy is obliged to comply with the policy of the respective operator. Terms of cancellation may vary between ferry operators.

If ticket terms allow for cancellation and refund, then yes. In case you wish to cancel your tickets please contact us by email at and send your booking details. Once tickets are issued, not all ferry operators apply full amount refund. There may be cancellation charges, but this depends on the cancellation policy of each ferry operator. In order to proceed with the cancellation of the tickets we must get hold of the printed ticket. If you have not printed your tickets then we only need your booking information; if you have though, please mail them to our company. As soon as we have the printed ticket, you are going to be refunded in about 5 working days. Shipping and booking costs are non-refundable. In any case, our office charges all cancellation procedures with €5,00 per ticket plus any ferry operator cancellation fees.


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